Agile Way of execution is fast catching up in Indian IT software sector.

While the debate is on if agile development model has gone mainstream or not (, there is a strong wind of transformational change of Agile being more and more adopted across the length and breadth of Indian IT sector, be it internal to the organization or for a client.  There is renewed focus with clear and distinct initiatives being taken in the organization to make the workforce agile to be “agile ready” amidst apprehensions of maturity of this model. Starting in the 90s, the process base of this industry has been predominantly waterfall or V model with a little bit of productivity improvement practices borrowed from Japanese manufacturing industry thrown here and there and now, Agile, with its atypical terminologies, roles, left and right segregation in the manifesto is a strong shake up call for this industry in its adulthood. The senior leaders of this industry -more of scope freeze or schedule clarity mindset- can’t ignore this anymore and small organizations are embracing it more swiftly than their older and big brothers.

What is the change? Is this only a process engineering change?

More than an engineering change, this transformation calls for an overall mindset change to look at things differently this time. For this to be successful, along with engineering and business functions,  the other cogs in the wheel, like procurement, finance, legal need to embrace and understand the nuances so that contracts are written differently, trust is built up mutually and collaborations gets better over  so much discussion on penalties.

Quite a few of the organizations have taken this to the next big level of doing even things outside of engineering in Sprints and Scrums and they are getting real benefits – Business Value of correctly completing the work in time- out of this short cycled, feedback oriented practices. Starting from conducting workshops and management meetings at every level, discussions for event management or any new change are being time boxed with a clear goal and agenda to reap the efficiency benefits out of them.

It is encouraging to see the organizational behavior changes happening with much more to be done. The systems and processes built over a quite significant period of time need to be rechristened to facilitate the change rather obstructing it. Some of the agilists, besotted by the advantages of this model, have taken the onus on themselves to champion the cause. At the end, it is the basic mindset that needs to change of how you see things. Personally I have a strong belief that with the support from all around and strong determination at the helm of affairs, this is not going to fail albeit some changes forthcoming. Whatever project you think or visualize, try to find answer in Agility.

Share your thoughts !!!.

–Jayanta Tewari


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